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Baileys Coyote bar is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 7 in Pattaya, Thailand. It opened on the 24th November 2015 although it had been around as an open air beer bar for considerably longer.

If you are walking down Soi 7 from 2nd Road Bailey’s is located near the bottom end, close to Beach Road.

The new bar is now fully enclosed although there is still a small outside seating area. The windows are tinted but it is possible to peer in to see what’s going on before you choose to enter. Indoors is split into two zones, one with a small central stage that can accommodate four coyote dancers. Seating is mainly high bar stools although there are a few more comfortable chairs dotted around. The rear area is raised up and features the bar itself along with a free to play pool table. The whole bar features 6 large screen TVs showing mainly sports, especially Premier League football..

A good sound system and lighting, including lasers has transformed Bailey’s from a decent beer bar into a nice indoor air-con club style bar. All in all it is a nice bar albeit small for what it tries to achieve (bar, coyote, night club). The proof of the pudding will probably be if enough people will journey to Soi 7 which is pretty much dead on its feet. That said it is probably the nicest bar on the Soi so if you are in the area it is well worth a look.

The bar is open from 15.00 to 03.00. Happy Hour runs from 15.00 to 20.00 – buy two drinks get one free.

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Address : Soi 7, Pattaya, Thailand.
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  1. Peter Whitfield on

    Good bar, one of the two best on Soi 7 along with Shooters. seems to be a bunch of new girls and more girls but they do tend to come and go here fairly frequently. On a good night I would highly recommend it especially to lads in a group.

  2. Not only was Soi 7 as dead as a dodo so was this bar. Its a great looking place so i will give it another try as i was a bit early.

  3. Tried it last night. Its good fun but just too small to achieve what it wants to be i fear. Upside is its lively and brash. Downside is it has the feel of being a bar for the boys. When friends are thin on the ground Soi 7 won’t support it. Good concept, great decor, wrong location. Probably work well as a “party” bar!

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