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Champagne Coyotes bar is located in Soi LK Metro in what was formerly Malibu next door to Champagne Agogo. It opened for business at the beginning of December 2016. As far as we are aware it has the same owners as the Champagne gogo bar next door.

It is a fully air-conditioned music themed bar with the added bonus of coyote dancers, as the name suggests. As with the film the girls dance on the bar itself. A large, open plan style bar; it has been fully redecorated and designed since its brief, ill fated, stint as Malibu agogo.

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Champagne Coyote bar

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Address : Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand 20150
Contact : 098 506 7228
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  1. Good looking place. Doesn’t seem to have taken off yet but i hope it does and its a good change from what is around in LK.

  2. Very smart looking place. Enjoyed the visit and hope they do well. Seen a lot of people knocking the coyote aspect on Facebook but its a good addition to the LK scene and if it operates as a true coyote bar, not just yet another gogo with clothes on, it makes the location even more attractive to spend an entire night in.

    I like LK but to be blunt the gogo bars, with the very odd exception such as Pandoras, are all the same. You move from one to the next and nothing changes.

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