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Dominique Bar Guesthouse Chez Fred is located in Soi 13/1, also known as Soi Yamato, between 2nd Road and Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand. It is an open fronted, double unit, bar and Guesthouse. There are eight rooms available for rent from just 500 Baht per night.

It is French owned and operated but they speak French, English, German and Thai. It has a reputation as a very friendly bar and the rooms are excellent value at this price.

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Address : Soi 13/1, Soi Yamato, Pattaya, Thailand.
Contact : +66 (0)38 710 395 or +66 (0)8 311 512 69
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We rate Dominique Bar Guesthouse Chez Fred at 8/10. It is a very friendly bar and well worth a visit. Also highly rated for the price of the rooms which at just 500 Baht offer tremendous value for money.

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