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Good quality slideshow video of the sexy girls in Club Electric Blue agogo. Club Electric Blue opened in May 2015 and is located in Soi 15, off Walking Street, Pattaya. When we say it opened it was in fact the second coming as the bar was previously in Walking Street itself although it upped and left for Bangkok several years ago. Since its return it has firmly established itself as one of the best bars in Pattaya and certainly one of the best traditional style gogo bars. Indeed the entire Soi 15 has really become the happening place these days with the likes of CEB, Sapphire, Dollhouse, Angelwitch, Babydolls and WhatsUp? all on the same short Soi.

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  1. Shows why CEB has become so popular. Its also one reason why Soi 15 is so pre-eminent these days. When you have one short street that includes Babydolls, Dollhouse, Whatsapp?, CEB, Mistys, Sapphire and Angelwitch you just cant go wrong. The diversity in one short Soi is mind boggling. Club Electric Blue, and its sister opposite really have established themselves as must do gogo bars for 2017.

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