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Glass House Agogo Pattaya is located in the centre of Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. it originally opened for business on the 1st September 2014. It is a small but fairly popular gogo bar. It is on the right hand side on the street if you are walking from the Beach Road end not far from the entrance to the Soi Diamond Arcade. When we say it is small it actually has an upstairs section also. If that were open it would be a decent size but it appears it rarely is. Don’t let the size put you off, this is one FUN gogo bar.

The downstairs area has one central stage with room for around 12 dancers. However, one thing to note about this gogo bar is that are always a LOT of girls. They claim never less than 50 and from what we have seen there is no need to doubt that. That fact they always out number the customers is a bonus as it means you will never be short of a pretty girl for company.

Although we have never yet seen the upstairs part of the bar open we understand it is available for private parties or as a select V.I.P room on request. There is apparently a small stage upstairs that can accommodate 6-10 dancers.

Opening hours – 8.30 pm to 04.00 am

Glass house agogo bar

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  1. Really struggling the last few weeks. A few half decent Facebook photos would help. No idea why they keep posting low quality pics especially when all the competition can now seem to find good ones.

  2. Like Jimmy I am never sure what to make of this place. As he says if you believe their Facebook posts its packed every night! But it’s not. I like it a lot, small but with a lot of girls, but i am in three or four times a week and don’t think I have ever seen more than 15 customers in at any one time and usually a lot less. Suits me; a bar with 40 hot birds and 10 customers suits me just fine.

  3. Decent but very over hyped bar. If you believed their Facebook posts it is rammed solid every night which is far from the truth. It does tend to look buy because yes there are LOTS of girls but they outnumber punters three to one. That’s not such a bad thing it’s just a little disappointing that they big it up so much which raises expectations. Those expectations are simply not met. Enjoyed the visit, the girls are not as pushy as other review sites claim it was just not much of an experience when we were expecting a lot more.

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