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Iron Club Agogo Pattaya opened in late 2009 and quickly established itself as the number one agogo bar on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. A position it retained until mid 2015. Since then other gogo bars, notably those on Soi 15, have certainly caught it up if not over taken it in the popularity stakes. It is the older sister of the Queen Club Agogo bar in Soi LK Metro.

It is a very large bar with extremely high ceilings and two stages – offering a presence equal to two regular Gogo bars. It initially made its name as a “show bar” and from time to time still puts on extremely intricate shows such as Cirque de Soleil or Dance Competitions, the Jacuzzi shows continue all night every night. It gets very busy after around 11.30 pm where you can expect both halves to be full. It’s best to arrive early to guarantee a good seat.

There is no regular happy hour, and drinks are (currently) priced from 75 Baht for a draught beer to around 200 Baht for Premium Cocktails. It has a reputation for having a two tired lady-drink system and there are both Coyotes and Models with lady-drink prices adjusting slightly for either. However you will always know what you have spent as service show your bill to you each time they make an alteration or at 500 Baht increments.

Overall it has started a return to it’s glory days and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for The Iron Club.

Opening Hours – 20.00 to 03.00

Iron Club Walking Street Pattaya

Iron Club Agogo contact details

Address: Walking Street, Pattaya.
Contact : 061-854-5888
Website : add website
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We rate Iron Club at 8/10. Despite it not being a top 5 gogo bar these days it is still popular and one of the best "show bars" in the City.

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  1. They are trying hard but have fallen so far behind the competition these days it will be tough. Prices are ridiculously high and If they really want to get back in the Top 5 that means actually competing and currently they just can’t justify it. The place itself is still great and the shows are still top notch but pulling back the lost punters will take a bit of work.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thank you for your comment – as of late with some new Management assistance we are making a lot of changes. We’ve reintroduced Draught beer as an option at a mere 75 THB to try and appeal to the more budget-conscious. To be honest I feel that our mistake was going to heavy into the Asian market and that had a negative impact on the Western clientele.

  2. Still a good bar with good shows. However it is no longer the number 1 bar. Probably not even in the top 5 now. Bacarra, Sapphire, Palace, Windmill and Sensations certainly all busier these days.

    • Hi Rod,

      I couldn’t agree more – we have a lot of work to do but I would encourage you to give it another try as we’re implementing a number of changes at the moment to bring the place back to its glory days.

    • Hi Johan,

      We have reintroduced Draught at 75 THB and are working on bringing some prices down and introducing cheaper options.

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