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Iron Club Agogo Pattaya opened in late 2009 and quickly established itself as the number one agogo bar on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. A position it retained until mid 2105. Since then other gogo bars, notably those on Soi 15, have certainly caught it up if not over taken it in the popularity stakes. It is the older sister of the newer Queen Club in Soi LK Metro.

It is a long and narrow bar and because it gets so busy this can often make it difficult to move about it. It made its name as a "show bar" and continues to offer some of the best shows in Pattaya. It gets very busy after around 11.30 pm. Before that it tends to be fairly quiet so if you want a good seat it is best to get in early.

There is no happy hour that we are aware of and it must be said drinks prices are amongst the most expensive in town. It seems to have suffered from the rather classic Thai syndrome that when numbers fall the prices go up. It also has a reputation for having a two tier lady drink system i.e. they don't tell you but the lady orders a much more expensive drink. The first you know if when a mega sized check bin arrives.

Overall still a great gogo bar, with great shows, but better value to be had elsewhere these days.

Iron Club

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Address: Walking Street, Pattaya.
Contact : 096650286641
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  1. Still a good bar with good shows. However it is no longer the number 1 bar. Probably not even in the top 5 now. Bacarra, Sapphire, Palace, Windmill and Sensations certainly all busier these days.

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