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Karjala barKarjala Bar is located in the Wonderland complex on Soi Buajhao. The same complex where you will find Kimao bar also listed on this website. It has been open since 1999 although we believe it was formerly on Soi Xyte. It has a relaxed atmosphere, live sport, drinks, great food and a wide range of events. Whether you’re looking for drink´s, food or great time, all available here.

Karjala Bar is located in the Wonderland complex on Soi Buakhao. From Pattaya Klang aprox. 300m to Soi Buakhao, right hand side inside Wonderland Bar Zone. Website you find more info of us, map, etc…

Address: Soi Buakhao, Wonderland Zone, 408/83 moo 9, Pattaya, Thailand.

Website : www.karjalabar.com

Contact : via website

Facebook: www.facebook.com/karjala.bar

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