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The Nightwish Group Pattaya are a bunch of young guys who operate bars mainly in Soi 6 in Pattaya. They currently have twenty bars in Soi 6, two in Soi Bongkot and three in Soi Chaiyapoon. New bars are planned all the time. They began with the concept, or dream, of rejuvenating Soi 6 and it would appear they have certainly succeeded if the number of “copy cat” bars and customer numbers are anything to go by.

All the bars are renowned for their (very popular) parties. You will probably find a party in at least one of the bars on any given day/night. All the pages we list include links to their Facebook pages. All Facebook pages are kept up to date daily so if you need to check out what’s on that’s the best way to do it.

The first bar they opened was the Nightwish bar hence the group name and that bar remains their flagship to this day.

Contact and Media

Address : Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand

Contact : [email protected]

Website :

Facebook :

Current bars in the Nightwish Group

Bars in Soi 6

Nightwish – the first bar and still the group’s flagship bar
Pussy Club – their 2nd bar. A large, double unit, open bar. Refurbished in mid 2016.
Horny Bar – originally a ladyboy bar. Now 100% girls only.
Sexy in the City – very popular bar with good rooms available to rent upstairs.
Toy Box – formerly known as You Twat bar – purchased in October 2014
Offshore bar
Butterfly bar
Kawaii bar
Foxy bar – purchased January 2016 and fully refurbished in September 2016.
Mods bar Soi 6 – purchased by the group in January 2017.
Nature bar – opened September 2017 (formerly Working Girl Agogo)
Where Angels Play – purchased August 2018

Envy –

Seduction –

Passion –

Playpen –

Avarice –


Repent –

Roxy bar –

Exotica Soi 6 – opened in October 2019 and was formerly half of the Sexy in the City bar.

We understand two, or maybe three more coming soon.

Bars outside Soi 6

Club Sin – located in Soi Bongkot, Pattaya
J Club – opening in February 2017 and also located in Soi Bongkot.

Orange bar – Soi Chaiyaphoon.

Blue bar – Soi Chaiyaphoon

Anny bar – Soi Chaiyaphoon

They are the main organisers of the Soi 6 Annual Street Party.

Photo galleries

Click any image to see the larger version or to start the slideshow. There are more images on each bars individual pages linked above. Please note this is an ARCHIVE of old pictures – you can see the latest photos in the Facebook Feed above.

Soi Six Website

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  1. Most of the bars are run down, beer prices are way to high, most ladies looking down the street for food. Never going back

    • Pattaya bars on

      Strange comment. Which of their 12 bars were you in? Granted two of them are awaiting a refurb but the other 10 are amongst the cleanest and most modern on the Soi.

  2. Some of the best bars in Pattaya and certainly the most active bars group now in the City. Today Soi 6, tomorrow the world.

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