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A selection of Nightwish Group videos. The Nightwish Group operate several bars throughout the city, most of which can be found in Soi 6 currently. Their bars are amongst the most popular, especially on Soi Six, and they are one of the most successful nightlife and entertainment groups in Pattaya.

There are currently ten videos showing seven of their bars. We will update this as and when more are released. The (currently) featured bars are Night Wish bar, Sexy in the City, Kawaii bar, Butterfly bar, Pussy Club, Toy Box and Horny bar. You can follow those links to see more information on each bar.

The videos are in date order, with the latest one last. Please use the Next and Previous buttons to move between each bar’s video. There is a link to the relevant Facebook page under each video.

Nightwish Group videos links

YouTube Channel : Nightwish Group Soi 6
Facebook –

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