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Pacha Agogo bar is located in Walking Street, Pattaya, in what was previously the Crazy House Agogo Bar. It finally opened in December 2019.

It was as originally due to open on the 1st February 2017 in what was previously Abbes bar although that never actually happened. It is one of the so called French Group of bars. The initial marketing appeared to be entirely in Japanese so we would assume they were looking to recreate what happened at The Palace Agogo which turned around from being totally empty to packed every night with Japanese and Korean customers.

No doubt named after the famous Ibiza and New York nightclubs and not to be confused with the Pacha bar in East Pattaya. Surprised they did not come up with a more original name but hey, this is Thailand.

Pacha Agogo contact and media

Address : Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand.
Contact : 0922854546
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