Popular LK Metro Hotels


As Soi LK Metro become more popular more and more people are looking to stay in LK Metro hotels. The following are the most popular hotels in and around the Soi LK Metro area. All hotels listed are guest friendly.

LK Metro hotels and Guesthouses

LK Metropole – The flagship hotel for the LK Group. Located about 20 metres from Soi LK Metro on Soi Diana.

LK Residence – very popular, and high quality, hotel, formerly called LK Renaissance. Located on Soi Diana about 50 metres from Soi LK Metro.

Keerati Homestay – high quality but lower cost hotel located on Soi LK Metro itself.

Popular Guest Houses

I-Rovers – very popular large sports bar with good quality rooms. Early booking is recommended as they are often full.

The Rockhouse – several rooms available above and (I believe) behind the bar itself. If you are looking for a LARGE room, good quality and a great low price this could be the place for you. HIGHLY recommended in terms of value as these rooms are very very big and well maintained and decorated.

Destiny (above Destiny Agogo) – fantastic rooms for its price range (950-1450). The largest rooms have jacuzzis. Check out the pictures on their website. The rooms are above a gogo bar, so not for everyone. Currently For Sale

LK Metro Video

LK Metro Bars (video)

LK Metropole HotelLK Renaissance HotelI Rovers Pattaya

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