There are currently three Scooters bars in Pattaya. Namely Scooters Soi BuakhaoScooters LK Metro and the largest, Scooters bar Soi 6. The first to open was in Soi Buakhao and the latest in Soi Six. Just click any of the previous links to visit each individual bar’s page.

All three bars have been very successful. Far more successful than a lot of people expected when they first opened as there were doubts whether the market for Scooter and Mod theme bars could really work. They have certainly proven the doubters wrong as all the bars rank amongst the most successful in the City. Although a lot of people go to the bars for the music the fact is they get the basics right and do them well. Nice clean bars, reasonably priced beer and plenty of well turned out girls. Its not rocket science, but so many bar owners seem to fail to grasp this.

Scooters bars Pattaya accommodation

Two of the three bars, Soi Buakhao and Soi 6, offer rooms for rent at very reasonable prices. There are currently six themed rooms as follows –

The Who room – Soi Buakhao
The Scooter room – Soi Buakhao
The Disco room – Soi 6
The Motown room – Soi 6
The Northern Soul room – Soi 6
The Ska room – Soi 6

Rooms are available from as little as 500 Baht per night or 12,000 Baht per month. You can see more information on the Scooters bars website.

Merchandise, including Fred Perry polo shirts (of course) plus baseball caps, beer coolers and lighters are available at their online shop.

Scooters bars website
All bars contact email : [email protected]

Photo gallery

Scooters bars Pattaya location Maps

Scooters Soi Buakhao

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Scooters LK Metro

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Scooters Soi 6

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