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Soi LK Metro has been around for several years but started to attract bars, restaurants and hotels around seven years ago. It is now probably the third most visited “zone” in Pattaya after Walking Street, and Soi 6. I well remember one of the first bar owners there telling anyone who would listen that the area would become the “new Walking Street”. At the time the statement was pretty much ridiculed but no one is laughing now. Many of the restaurants, hotels and other businesses have since been bought at a rate of knots as bar and especially gogo bars scrabble for a piece of the action. Several of the large Walking Street gogo bar owners now have large units in Soi LK. This is a list of the best bars and gogo bars that have been submitted to this website. This list will update automatically as reviews are added. Please use the comment form below to suggest bars to add to this site. You can also use it to notify us of closures and name changes.

If you are a bar owner, or a regular customer you can submit your favourite bar for inclusion here. Listings are free although there is also an enhanced, paid, option available. This page itself is one of the most popular on the site with over 200 visitors per day alone.

Girl Friendly hotels near LK Metro

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  1. Strange that the bar owner who told you all years ago and was ridiculed and disbelieved for suggesting it as a future Pattaya hot zone and still going strong at his bar The Rockhouse in Soi LK Metro is not mentioned in the list of bars to visit. Once the busiest non gogo bar in LK Metro before the recent explosion of gogo and other bars, and still one of the best.

    Yes I own it and some might think I shouldn’t be saying it, but they ridiculed me and disbelieved me all those years ago and look how it turned out.

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