Teazers Pattaya is now long closed.

Teazers was located in Walking Street, Pattaya. If you enter from the Beach Road end it is around 150 metres down on your right hand side. It is impossible to miss as it is the only bar with girls dancing in the windows on the ground floor level.

ITeazers Pattayat began life as a fairly straightforward coyote bar but these days is run more as a nightclub, with coyotes still. Several of Pattaya’s better know DJs have residencies including Marco VDB, Dirty Eddie and DJ Large. Guest DJs also appear frequently including DJ Roxy June.It is a very popular bar, especially at weekends.

I am not aware of any happy hours but there are many frequent drinks promotions.

Teazers Pattaya contact and media

Address: Walking Street, Pattaya.
Website – appears to have been removed.
Facebook : Walking Street Facebook Group

Walking Street Website

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