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The Office agogo is located in Soi LK Metro. It is on the Soi Diana leg but very close to the corner at the top of the Soi. It was originally part of the group that also owned Submarine and M.A.S.H which have long since closed. Although it has probably been overtaken by the “new breed” of large sized gogo bars such as Queen Club it remains very popular and hold its own against its larger competitors.

It is not a large gogo bar by any means, neither is it one of the small intimates hands on ones such as Kaos or Pandora’s. It tends to have a long standing and loyal following who appreciate the fun level whilst enjoying the fact it is fairly low key.

In our opinion it is still one of the best gogo bars in the area. Particularly popular are the Pens Parties which are held every first Friday of each month. Just take a pen with you and get a free shot.

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Office Agogo

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Address : Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand
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